The firm SANZ-DAZA ASESORES was founded in 1948 by Carlos Sanz-Daza Suarez, who started the activity of the firm in the field of accounting and excise (alcohol and distilled beverages, remaining today as one of the specialties of the firm), and gradually expanded his advice to all areas of taxation. 

SANZ-DAZA ASESORES has distinguished itself from the beginning by a continuous development marked by the expansion and improvement in the quality of the services provided. This has been possible not only due to the experience of several Sanz-Daza generations, but also thanks to all the employees. Therefore, the firm is currently in a position to offer advice to businesses and individuals in various fields such as accounting, taxing, litigation, commercial and administrative law.

Only one thing has not changed since the founding of the firm: its values​​. These values ​​are:

 -  Honesty.

 -  Customer focus.

 -  Personal and professional excellence.

 -  Adaptation to change.

The trust of our customers is our best asset. The best proof is those early customers who still honor us with their confidence since the foundation and those who have joined us through the years.